We Are Open (Destination Canada)

Destination Canada's 2023 brand work showcases Canada's unique blend of openness: open spaces, open hearts and open minds.

Role: Editor

Annual Public Meeting 2023 (Destination Canada)

Destination Canada's leadership team shares insights during its Annual Public Meeting — an hourlong production reviewing the year's highlights and sharing key priorities for the year ahead.

Role: Producer

Moving From Home (PALS Autism Society)

PALS Autism Society Adult Program's housing initiative is a community that gives adults with autism — like Fraser Thompson — the opportunity to live independently of their families.

Roles: Director, producer, editor

Capsule (CapU)

Capsule, Capilano University's brand storytelling project, was created to highlight the university's mission and values in action while connecting the community through stories.

Role: Editor-in-Chief

We Believe (CapU)

For Capilano University alum Emily Solomon, bursaries provided the opportunity to discover her passions, strengths and values.

"It is a difference my mother and grandmother might not have known," she said. "But it is a difference my daughter and granddaughter certainly will."

Roles: Creative director, producer

A Girl with Many Dreams (CapU)

Born with Klippel-feil syndrome, Kayla Turnbull found refuge in music. Her journey to graduate with a degree from Capilano University's music therapy program has not been easy.

Roles: Director, producer, cinematographer, editor

Campus Photography, 2017-2021 (CapU)

Images documenting the vibrant learning community at Capilano University, 2017-2021.

Role: Photographer

A Higher Passion

Higher Passion Wrestling, a backyard wrestling federation in Hockingport, Ohio, is more than a hobby for a small community of family and friends.

Role: Director, producer, cinematographer, editor

Taehoon Kim

Taehoon Kim is a photographer, producer and editor based in Vancouver, B.C.
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