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Taehoon Kim is a producer, editor, and photographer in Vancouver, Canada.

His career started in photojournalism: his work has been published by Bloomberg News, CBC, The Globe and Mail, Nature, The New York Times, Reuters, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. He also has experience working as a photo editor, most notably with Canada's largest newspaper, The Globe and Mail. He is a member of Diversify Photo.

Taehoon's personal work is drawn to visual explorations of grief and loss.
As a producer, Taehoon is driven by his passion for non-fiction visual stories. He seamlessly navigates between editorial and creative projects, and thrives when he advocates for visual narratives to demonstrate mission, values, and ideas in action. His experience includes creating editorial strategies, resourcing talent, and producing everything between global consumer-facing campaigns to heartfelt fundraising videos.

Before you ask: Tae rhymes with day.

Selected press:
Capture Photography Festival, "Finding My Father at Yongpyong" 
The Globe and Mail, "A photographer's journey to explore his late father’s connection to Yongpyong and the Winter Olympics" 

Photo by Kristine Nyborg.

Taehoon Kim

Taehoon Kim is a photographer, producer and editor based in Vancouver, B.C.
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